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McCord an experienced intelligence agent is sent to investigate a mysterious disturbance on the Ugandan Border. What he discovers is a camp manned by Russian scientists who once worked for Bio-preparat the top secret Russian bio weapons facility. The Russian’s have been monitoring the experimental use of a strange new weapon.

Before McCord can get there, the camp is attacked by terrorists who hijack the weapon. A sole terrorists survives the attack, which reveals the weapon’s devastating effect for which there is no known cure. Aided by Dr. Kate Atwood, a researcher at the US Army’s bio-weapon’s facility, McCord and Atwood are propelled in an intense journey tracking the terrorist from Africa to Moscow, South America, London and finally New York, where they discover the true nature of the weapon itself and ultimate aim of the terrorist’s mission — a holocaust that will destroy millions.

THE IDES OF MARCH is available from Amazon.



“Bizarre and Chilling!” — West Coast Review of Books on the Edgar nominated, The Seventh Sacrament.

Five Stars by reviewers on for THE IDES OF MARCH.


Edgar Award nominee Ron Cutler is the author of eleven novels including the Porgie Award winner, The Firstborn, Edgar nominated, The Seventh Sacrament and To Kill a King. He has been an Indie film maker whose films have won Gold medals at Atlanta and Special Jury at Edinburgh. His other careers have included being a commercial artist, teacher and an Attorney and member of the New York Bar. Ron is currently a screen and television writer. His numerous screen credits include, Blood Red, Willie Dynamite and the critically acclaimed, cult classic, Article 99.