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Doctor Jonathan Anderson is having the worst day of his life.

Forced to resign from his prestigious position as chief of surgery, he goes home to find his wife in bed with another man. On the brink of suicide, his wife tries to wrestle the gun from him and is accidentally killed. Convicted for her murder, he finds himself in prison, but after managing to escape, he ends up in the same hospital he ran, this time as a patient.

Hell-bent, Anderson seeks revenge on those responsible for ruining his life. Things are not as they should be, and a series of murders ups the stakes, but despite the work of two committed hospital employees and the investigating detective, the identity of the murderer and the motive for the heinous crimes may come too late to save any of them.

IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR is available from Amazon, Smashwords and


“A fast paced thriller with good story points and characters which are believable and worth reading about.” Author Scott Nicholson says. “You won’t want to go to the hospital again after reading IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR.”


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I am a member of WOK or rather the writers of Kern. I have a BA in computer science and have worked over 30 years in the medical field. I am a Viet Nam veteran. I draw upon my life experiences for character and plot development. I love to write and read thrillers, but I also like to write short stories in the horror and YA genre. I live in the mountains of southern California in a house overlooking a beautiful lake for inspiration.

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