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The Geneva Connection is about a massively successful private equity CEO, John Kent, who discovers when it is too late that his firm’s biggest investor is a front for a brutal, Mexican drug cartel. Unknowingly, he has been investing and laundering illicit drug money.

The cartel kills one of the firm’s partners to guarantee Kent’s silence. His nightmare worsens when the ambitious head of investigations at the DEA leans on him to provide evidence against his criminal investors.

Kent is trapped between the cartel threatening his life and the DEA who will lock him up if he does not cooperate.


“Novelist Martin Bodenham has penned The Geneva Connection, a thriller straddling the City, the English countryside, Mexican back roads and the US Drug Enforcement Administration. With this page-turner, Bodenham aspires to do for fund managers what John Grisham has done for lawyers…” ~ Corporate Financier Magazine

“The Geneva Connection has a menacing opening with a hook and a barb to make the hook stick.  Thriller readers are hooked, barbed and immediately reeled in.  The narrative mesmerizes from the outset.  The pace is swift and the action enough to make any reader’s toes curl in frightening expectation…” ~Art Cockerill, Writer and Journalist

“The pace is swift and the action enough to make any reader’s toes curl in frightening expectation.”

“The tension ratchets up wonderfully until the nail-biting climax. There’s an almost Shakespearean scale to this book. You won’t be disappointed.”


From Martin Bodenham: I write financial thrillers. I was born in England in 1959 to an American father, who worked in the US Air Force, and a British mother. Since university, I have worked in the financial markets, spending the last twenty-five years in private equity. Today, I am the CEO of Advantage Capital, a London-based private equity firm. Along the way, I have been an investor at investment banks, 3i and Close Brothers, and a corporate finance partner at both KPMG and Ernst & Young.

I am married to Jules, a psychotherapist, and we live in Rutland, England’s smallest county.

To learn more about Martin, please visit his website.