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A hot-bodied female and her sociopath lover steal millions from an insurance company by targeting policy limits claimants in a murder-for-profit scheme.

Insurance can be a real killer. Luther Sitasy, one-time Vietnam vet, wealthy eccentric, now manager of the policy limits section of Trans Patriot insurance, trips into a savage plot. Someone is calculating the cold blooded murder of certain high reserve plaintiffs, using the millions of freed-up reserves for their own high stakes gain.

Luther’s investigation forces him back to a time of guns, honor, and another, darker sense of morality as he hurtles towards a sociopathic killer and his sensual and sexy partner, while the body count steadily rises.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK is available from Amazon.


Publishers Weekly: “A pair of cold-blooded killers…conspire to skim millions from insurance companies…”

The New York Times: “Chilling. A Seriously scary thriller.”

Houston Chronicle: “…a page turner.”


Jim Silver is a former insurance claimsman who lives in Phoenix with his wife and children. He bases his dramatic fiction on real-life experiences taken from thirty years defending police officers and high-end insureds, as well as combat experiences taken from tours of duty on the 38th Parallel in Korea, and the Central Highlands of S. Vietnam.

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