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Saito Izumi has struggled with what she is-a centuries-old vampire-ever since she was turned. But, it’s not until she confronts a couple of modern day zombies, is she forced to confront her deepest shame, the monster she really is.

SAITO IZUMI, IN A DARK WAY is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.


DAVID MILLER grew up in New York in the early ’70s, watching Dark Shadows during the day, the Night Stalker at night and the weekly Creature Feature movie on an old black & white RCA television set every weekend with his father. It’s no wonder as an adult he now writes stories with fantastical creatures, mystical happenings and occult goings-on, of worlds where anything can happen…and usually does.

DAVID MILLER is a pseudonym for crime fiction author David DeLee.

David can be reached through Dark Road Publishing at
For more information check out their website.