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Can he prove she’s innocent?

Sydney Raferty Lord claims her husband died on their wedding day. Not that his body washes up on the rocks where he supposedly had his accident. Not that she can prove she ever married the man in the first place. When his body is found in the woods, Sydney claims this is not the Kenneth Lord she married!

Benno DeMartino, Kenneth’s lifelong friend, is torn between loyalty for the dead man and an undeniable attraction to the supposed widow. Maybe he’s crazy, because Benno aims to find the murderer and in the process help prove Sydney innocent.

PUSHED TO THE LIMIT is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


With more than seven million books in print, Patricia Rosemoor is fascinated with “dangerous love” – combining romance with danger. She has written various forms of romantic suspense and paranormal romantic thrillers, even romantic horror, bringing a different mix of thrills and chills and romance to each book

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