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ENORMITY is the story of a small man with gigantic problems.

Meet Manny Lopes, an American contractor working in Korea, who is not only physically small (in his own words, he’s a “Creole shrimp”), but his job, his failed marriage, his race, all conspire to make him feel puny and insignificant – the proverbial 98-pound weakling.

Then one day an accident happens, a quantum explosion, and suddenly Manny is big – really big. In fact, he’s enormous, a mile-high colossus! Now there’s no stopping him: Manny is a one-man weapon of mass destruction. Yet he means well.

ENORMITY has sex, violence, and thrills galore, as Manny contends with the forces of mankind that seek to seduce or destroy him. Who will survive? Who will be annihilated? Read ENORMITY and find out!

ENORMITY is published by Night Shade Books, and may be ordered as a trade paperback from all fine booksellers, or in E-book form via Kindle.


“Instead of meekly evoking the corny goodness of creaky Kaiju Eiga flicks, Marshall’s tragically hilarious debut pushes an amazing colossal scenario far too insane for Toho or Michael Bay, and schools us all in the lost art of making monsters walk. THIS ONE WILL BURY YOU.” – Cody Goodfellow, author of Radiant Dawn, Ravenous Dusk, and All-Monster Action

“An enthralling, apocalyptic fusion of Gulliver’s Travels and Food of the Gods, ENORMITY comes at you with big ideas, voluminous scope and colossal pace. Marshall has the high-tech savvy and breadth of vision of a great science fiction writer, coupled with considerable daring. Watch his stature grow.” – James Lovegrove, New York Times bestselling author of Redlaw and The Age of Zeus

“ENORMITY is at once tight and sprawling, a vibrant rush of Phildickian apocalyptic menace. What feels at first like the collision of genres in a particle accelerator blends seamlessly into a whirling dervish of a novel that goes down like Everclear with a quark-gluon chaser. If you like spy novels, heist novels, Tom Clancy, and crazed speculations on the nature of the universe, you’ll eat ENORMITY up with a spoon.” – Thomas S. Roche, author of The Panama Laugh


W.G. Marshall was born in Torrance, California. He sold his first short story at age 16, and has since written for newspaper, television, and public radio, as well as starting his own alternative paper, The Dark Horse. He has spent a decade freelancing in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, but currently lives and writes in Providence, Rhode Island.

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