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After a Near Death Experience radically transforms the life of an eccentric billionaire, he recruits others with similar experiences to study the global phenomenon.

Together they will discover amazing similarities, common visions and dramatic abilities among people who have come back from the dead, leading to an earth-shattering revelation about the phenomena, and themselves.

THE LAZARUS INITIATIVE is available from Amazon. (Novellette (20,000 words) – Book 1 in a series, each priced at $.99.)


David Sakmyster is an award-winning author and screenwriter who makes his home in upstate NY. He has over two dozen short stories and five novels published. In addition to The Morpheus Initiative psychic archaeologist series (The Pharos Objective and The Mongol Objective), he has published the horror novel Crescent Lake and the historical epic, Silver and Gold. His screenplay, Nightwatchers, has just been optioned for production, and he’s currently at work on several other screenplays and novels. Visit for more information.

International bestselling novelist Steven Savile won the Scribe Award for best young adult tie-in novel for his book Shadow of the Jaguar for the British tv show Primeval. He has written more than a dozen novels and sold more than half a million copies worldwide. He has written for Dr Who, Torchwood, Primeval, Stargate, Warhammer, Slaine, Fireborn, Pathfinder and other popular game and comic worlds. Silver, his debut thriller reached #2 in the Amazon UK charts in the summer of 2011. Visit to keep up to date with new releases.