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A Russian cosmonaut is found murdered in his London hotel room hours before delivering a lecture on the Soviet moon shots. The Metropolitan Police believe they have their man, and the case is closed.
But in the moments before he died, the victim left a series of clues – clues that only a fellow Freemason would understand.

One man realises the truth.
Detective Chief Superintendent Peter Gower – Freemason and expert sleuth.
Gower is about to embark on the most mysterious case of his career – and discover the last great conspiracy of the space race.

The Death of Bro. Cosmonaut is the first in a new series of Masonic murder mysteries featuring Peter Gower. A brilliantly enthralling mystery, it introduces a character who is set to take his place among the great detectives of the genre. The book is perfect for fans of the conspiracy stories of Dan Brown, the thrillers of James Patterson, and the crime stories of writers ranging from Agatha Christie to Ian Rankin.


THE DEATH OF BRO. COSMONAUT is available from Amazon.


Julius Harland is a retired banker who now lives in the North of Scotland. He orginally studied science before taking his bachelor’s degree. He then went on to do his Master’s degree in financial analysis and macro-economic modelling before joining the merchant bank where he worked for over twenty years. Towards the end of his banking career he developed an interest in forensic accountancy, a skill he brings to his fiction writing.

Julius was initiated into Freemasonry early in his career and has since joined a whole range of side orders which has allowed him to understand many aspects of The Craft. His Peter Gower mysteries are set within this secret hidden world of the Masonic Brotherhood that has given him so much pleasure.

In the Peter Gower Masonic Mysteries Julius brings together his knowledge of forensic finance and the nature of Freemasonry to create a whole new genre of Detective and Masonic fiction.