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God has a plan for Ben Brice, or so his mother had always said and so he had always believed, right up until that dark night in Vietnam. Now, thirty-eight years later, Ben Brice is a drunk. He lives alone with a dog in the New Mexico wilderness, where he drowns his dark memories of war in whiskey and wonders what God’s plan had been and why it had gone so wrong. His only connection to the outside world is Gracie, his ten-year-old granddaughter. When she is kidnapped after a soccer game in Texas, Ben puts down the bottle and goes in search of her, certain that his dark past has come back to haunt her—and he learns that his mother was right after all.

THE ABDUCTION is available from Amazon.


Best-seller lists: No. 6, Australia; No. 8, Ireland; No. 14, UK hardback.

“A cracking read.” –The Times (UK)

“Pulse-pounding narrative.” –-Booklist

“Gimenez has written a startling, multilayered thriller in which complex characters and a fast-moving plot grab the reader immediately. Smart dialog and a spunky Gracie, who never loses her cool, make for a memorable read that twists and turns until the final, cinematic conclusion.” –Library Journal (starred review)

“Gimenez’s writing is explosive, fast-paced, and filled with unexpected plot twists that keep readers guessing right up to the last page.” –Houston Press

“Another explosive thriller that is impossible to put down. . . . Plenty of twists and turns, and a plot that keeps you guessing right until the end. Definitely not one to miss.” – (UK)

“You’d better start this one early in the evening, because you’ll be reading it into the wee small hours of the morning—it’s riveting.” — (South Africa)

“After the stunning success of a first novel, there’s always the question if the author can do it again with the second and, fortunately, in this case, Gimenez not only surpasses his own preliminary standards of excellence, but those of the entire genre. Not only does he offer up an adventurous plot that races forward at a breakneck speed filled with a cast of multi-faceted and poignantly drawn characters, but he also puts forth some concepts and questions that provoke and compel the reader’s consideration long after the last page is turned. . . . But perhaps most notable of all might just be this book’s ability to elicit just about every emotional response possible from the reader. Whether it’s laughter or tears, dread or anticipation, be prepared to feel something while reading this glorious adventure that only seems to gain momentum with every page. . . . Ultimately, a forceful, exhilarating, and effervescent read of faith and redemption, loyalty and love, truth and purpose, and one that unreservedly qualifies as one of the best to come along this year.” –New Mystery Reader Magazine

“THE ABDUCTION is much more than a scaled-down version of Commando, however. While stuffed to its considerable brim in action, it is as much about relationships as strategy. Gimenez skillfully weaves the narrative while creating a tantalizing mystery—the ‘why’ of Gracie’s abduction—that will keep you guessing until almost the very end. There are secrets and excitement and just about everything you would ever want from a reading experience.” –

“There are times when life gets so overwhelming that even a good book can’t keep your mind from wandering. That’s when you need a super-riveting read like this to take you away. It’s a tale with a normally hard-to-take premise—child abduction. But in the hands of bestselling author Mark Gimenez, it becomes a tale of humanity, heroism, and hope, with complex characters who jump off the page. Boy can this guy tell a story!” –Book-of-the-Month club


Mark Gimenez grew up in Galveston County, Texas, earned his law degree at Notre Dame, and was a partner in a major Dallas law firm. He now practices solo and writes. He lives in Texas. He is the author of seven books: The Color of Law, a finalist for the Thriller Award for Best First Novel, The Abduction, The Perk, The Common Lawyer, Accused, The Governor’s Wife, and Parts & Labor: The Adventures of Max Dugan, a children’s book.

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