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When Dr. Hank Lawson’s conscience cost him his distinguished position in a New York City emergency room, he ended up losing everything he thought he wanted.

Now, as a concierge doctor to the rich and fabulous of the Hamptons, he’s going to get everything he never knew he needed—if he doesn’t lose his patients….

The Fourth of July weekend is fast approaching, and Hank and his friends have been invited to the only party that matters–thrown by an incredibly wealthy HankMed patient. It’s a costume party with a 1776 colonial America theme. And while his seemingly manic brother Evan frets over what costume to wear, Hank tries to go about the business of saving lives as usual.

Unfortunately, patriotic fervor isn’t the only thing going around. A local kid is exhibiting strange symptoms—glassy eyes, confusion, and when other kids start cropping up with similar symptoms, Hank is worried something is seriously amiss. With the biggest Hamptons holiday coming up, Hank fears that the fireworks aren’t the only things that are about to burn out…


D.P. Lyle is a Macavity Award–winning and Edgar Award–nominated author of numerous books, including the thrillers Stress Fracture, Devil’s Playground, and Double Blind, and the nonfiction titles Murder and Mayhem, Forensics for Dummies, Forensics and Fiction, and Howdunnit: Forensics.

He has also worked with many novelists and writers of popular television shows, such as Law & Order, CSI: Miami, Diagnosis Murder, Monk, Judging Amy, House, Cold Case, and The Glades.

To learn more about D.P. Lyle, please visit his website.