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The Indian boy’s sagging corpse, seated high in the rainforest canopy, inexplicably sported a NY Yankee baseball cap. The grisly discovery made by a mischievous capuchin shakes loose a deadly eyelash viper and a stack of blood spattered money, triggering a chain reaction which includes: a driven eco-activist, a protective expat soldier, drug cartels, veterinarians, local authorities and two burnt out American tourists who came to the lush Costa Rican rainforest for a much needed rest. The exhausted Vietnamese Investigator and his flame-haired pathologist girlfriend, soon find themselves on a “working vacation” when they uncover a murder instead of the assumed accidental death.

RIFF RAFF is available from Amazon and SmashWords.  Available in audio book in Jan 2012 on from


“Doc understands the seamier side of life. His characters are complex, loaded with contradictions and wholly believable.” – Dan Schilling, Former Special Ops Commander, Co-author, The Battle of Mogadishu

“As addictive and satisfying as my first tattoo…” – Lyle Tuttle, Tattoo Legend and Historian

“An intriguing read that will hold your attention as investigators come up against dead ends and lies…where people aren’t what they always seem. A fun read and something different by a talented author.” – Murder and Mayhem


Doc Macomber belongs to many leading writing organizations, including the Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, Friends of Mystery, and Willamette Writers. He has contributed articles to the prestigious Mystery Readers Journal and Bloodletter on the history of ethnic detectives, and the origin of his hybrid Vietnamese investigator, Jack Vu. His most recent contribution is “Finding the Key Strengths and Weaknesses of your Detective Character” in “Now Write! Mysteries: Suspense, Crime and Thriller Fiction Exercises from Today’s Best Writers and Teachers” to be published in 2012 by the Penguin Group (USA). His mystery series includes: The Killer Coin, Wolf’s Remedy, Snip, and his new release Riff Raff, set in Costa Rica, a finalist in the Killer Nashville Claymore Award. Mr. Macomber formerly served with an Air Force Special Tactics Unit and now lives aboard a yacht on the Columbia River. As a decorated Marine Captain once noted, “Doc sees much … says little … and writes it all down.”

To learn more about Doc, please visit his website.