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In the town of Bluffs Bay, Washington, a serial killer dubbed by the press as “The Woods Strangler” is killing beautiful women in the affluent neighborhood of The Woods.

In an effort to bring the community together to fight this terror, Selene Herrera, director of a local battered women’s shelter, helps establish a neighborhood crime watch group.

She is newly married to her second husband, Quinn, who is named the director of The Woods Citizens Against Crime group. A best-selling mystery novelist and nonfiction writer, he too is on a second marriage, having lost his first wife to violence.

The Herreras’ life together is threatened when Selene’s abusive ex-husband, Michel Giovanni, shows up in town under the guise of seeking the reward money offered for information leading to the killer. But he soon begins to stalk Selene, wanting her back and determined to have her any way he can.

Selene starts to receive calls from an anonymous caller implicating Quinn as The Woods Strangler. Though she tries to dismiss it, the chilling calls and continued murders unnerve Selene and threaten to undermine her marriage.

Quinn fights the allegations as best as possible, while keeping secrets that he fears could destroy his life with Selene.

Selene is also faced with the demands of running a battered women’s shelter, including trying to help a battered policewoman and dealing with a fire at the shelter caused by an arsonist.

A strong set of supporting characters include:

Police Officer Ashley Leighton, who hides her dangerous abusive relationship while trying to do her job in pursuit of a killer.

Homicide Detective Dennis Cramer, who is faced with the realization that a serial killer might be one of his neighbors in The Woods and must be stopped at all costs.

Marvin and Elisa Bonet, the Herreras’ next-door neighbors.

Todd Foxworth, a spa owner whose girlfriend becomes a victim of the strangler.

And Julian McKenzie, a local firefighter.

Selene tries to keep her head above water as the killer prowls the neighborhood and sets his sights on her to join his growing list of victims.

KILLER IN THE WOODS: A Psychological Thriller is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.


“Gripping writing, wonderfully rounded characters you really care about, and vivid locations – this novel is a real and rare treat.” — Peter James, Internationally Bestselling Author of DEAD SIMPLE on MURDER IN MAUI

“A model of crime fiction …. Flowers may be a new voice in modern mystery writing, but he is already one of its best voices.”–Statesman Journal on JUSTICE SERVED

“From one of the best true crime writers around, R. Barri Flowers now has combined his impressive criminology credentials and literary talents to create Maui homicide detective Leila Kahana, a fascinating and complex heroine. A page turner. Fans of CSI and Hawaii 5-0 will love this one and scream for more!” — Deborah Shlian, Award-Winning Co-author of DOUBLE ILLUSION on MURDER IN MAUI

“An excellent look at the jurisprudence system…will appeal to fans of John Grisham and Linda Fairstein.” – Harriet Klausner on PERSUASIVE EVIDENCE

“If you love Hawaii or a good head-scratching mystery, you’ll enjoy this book. Very entertaining.” — William Berhardt, Bestselling Author of CAPITOL BETRAYAL on MURDER IN MAUI

“R. Barri Flowers writes with the passion and knowledge of someone who truly knows his craft. MURDER IN MAUI is a steamy, non-stop thrill-ride through the seamy underbelly of Hawaii.” — Allison Leotta, Federal Sex Crimes Prosecutor and Author of Thriller, LAW OF ATTRACTION


R. Barri Flowers is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than fifty books. Mystery and thriller fiction by the author include MURDER IN MAUI, KILLER IN THE WOODS, DEAD IN THE ROSE CITY, JUSTICE SERVED, STATE’S EVIDENCE, PERSUASIVE EVIDENCE, and the young adult mysteries, GHOST GIRL IN SHADOW BAY and DANGER IN TIME.

True crime bestsellers by Flowers include THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS and MASS MURDER IN THE SKY.

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