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Need a thrill to keep the chill of this winter? David Wood’s novella ICEFALL, the fourth installment in the Dane Maddock Adventure series, is fast-paced thrill ride through a frozen winter landscape. The theft of the bones of the Magi from a German cathedral send Wood’s heroes, Dane Maddock and “Bones” Bonebrake, on a quest to uncover an ancient conspiracy.

“I wanted to publish a story with holiday ties as sort of a greeting card to my readers,” Wood said. Set at Christmastime, the plot is sprinkled with ancient cathedrals, religious relics, Alpine villages, and holiday-themed legends. “Even with the Christmas overtones, it’s still a classic Maddock adventure, with a strong mystery component, lots of action, and even a new twist on a creature out of European legend.”

Unlike the other books in the series, Icefall is a novella, running approximately half the length of the other novels. Wood believes the novella will have an important place in the coming years. “The digital revolution has opened the doors to stories of varying lengths. I enjoy mixing in the occasional novella because that allows me to give my readers more stories, and I don’t have to pad a story just to meet an arbitrary word count.”

ICEFALL is already a hit on the Kindle Charts, hitting number one in Hot New Releases in the Men’s Adventure category. The book is available in print and in all e-formats, and is contracted for publication as an audiobook through Audible and iTunes in early 2012.


David Wood is the author of the Dane Maddock adventures and several stand-alone works. When not writing, he co-hosts the ThrillerCast podcast. He and his family live in the Atlanta area.

To learn more about David, please visit his website.