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DIARY OF A SHORT LIFE IS AN INTIMATE THRILLER. Trapped in a world between reality and fantasy, Angela struggles to discover her identity and the reason for the assault that ripped away her memory.

Left for dead at the scene of a bizarre crime committed outside of Paris, France, Angela Grathwell regained consciousness but had no knowledge of her identity or the circumstances leading up to the assault against her. She was immediately gripped by the fear that her assailant would find her, and kill her.

With the help of Dr. Parker Stevens, an easy going psychologist appointed by the French government, Angela is guided back into her memories to learn about her past life and how to protect herself.

But during the course of therapy, Angela discovered that her old self was hardened and violent and very different from the person she now wanted to be. Growing into a new life filled with the promise of love, this book describes, in her own words, the torturous and heartfelt struggle with the emerging personality from her past that could ultimately destroy who she has become.

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Michael Krozer has a strong interest in the arts and pursues writing, acting, song writing, and video production as a way of expressing and sharing his vision with others. He has traveled widely and takes a strong interest in the history, politics, and life style of the areas he visits. These experiences provide the creative spark for his work.

To learn more about Michael, please visit his website.