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Delta Force operator Lee McCloud has single-mindedly tried to overcome the horror of witnessing his sister being abducted when he was fourteen. So when family friend Bob calls, desperate for help after his daughter Sophia is kidnapped in Mexico, it’s an opportunity to deliver some badly needed justice.

After the operation goes terribly wrong, McCloud finds himself teamed with an attractive computer hacker, Tally, and working for a secret organization that seizes the funds of terrorists. Sheik Khalid Yubani, an exiled prince from Saudi Arabia, has his own ambitions, which include a crucial role for Sophia. McCloud and Tally find themselves confronting a global slavery network, dodging assassins’ bullets, and fending off explosives, corrupt militias and sharks as they fight their conflicting feelings for each other.

As their haunted pasts catch up, McCloud and Tally realize that, in addition to finding and rescue Sophia, they need to stop a horrific plot that would have disastrous consequences for an already unstable world.

NO REMORSE is available through Amazon and Smashwords. You can view the book trailer below.


“First-time author Ian Walkley gets everything right in NO REMORSE, a gritty, complicated thriller in which a former Delta Forces commander on a mission to rescue a friend’s daughter from Mideast slave traders faces a bigger threat than he could possibly imagine. Walkley’s story bursts off the page with intense action, exotic locales and authentic details, while realistic characters navigate a web of intrigue and deceit worthy of Clancy or Ludlum at their best. A gripping, heart-stopping thriller. Walkley is definitely an author to watch!” — aren (K.L.) Dionne (author, FREEZING POINT, BOILING POINT)

“Exotic locations, intricate plot, well-developed characters. More thrills than climbing the Matterhorn.” –DL Wilson (author, SIROCCO, UNHOLY GRAIL)

“An edgy thriller that gets straight into the action and doesn’t let up. A plausible plot with a strong and engaging protagonist – intelligent thriller writing.” –JJ Cooper (author THE INTERROGATOR, DEADLY TRUST).

“This fast-paced page-turner has it all – a riveting plot, great characters, tons of conflict, intrigue and suspense, exotic locales, and edgy current issues – with even a little romance thrown in.” –Jodie Renner –


Ian Walkley switched to thriller writing after a career as a social and consumer researcher and marketing consultant. He is a published travel writer and has previously authored and edited two books on small business. Ian’s debut conspiracy thriller, NO REMORSE, is the first in a series, and he is currently finishing a crime thriller titled BAIT.