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Gun Sex is the first anthology of short stories by Pearce Hansen, the author of STREET RAISED. Looking back over a 15 year writing career, Pearce has gleaned what he considers the 20 best horror and crime stories from his over 80 publications in such prestigious venues as Plots With Guns!, Hardboiled, and Thuglit.

Pearce is also author of the novel Street Raised, available for the Kindle at Amazon.

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Ken Bruen (Shamus Award winning author of The Guards; and of London Boulevard, soon to be a major motion picture, Oscar winner William Monahan (screenwriter of The Departed) to write & direct): “One of the best writers I know. Imagine James Ellroy coupled with George R R Martin and overseen by Charles Willeford. But Pearce really needs no comparison to any other writer; he’s created his own compelling dark universe that ratchets up noir to an astonishing level.”

“True noir has finally received the rightful heir to the Dark Kingdom. Hail Pearce Hansen. The heir to Vachss.”

Anthony Neil Smith (Editor of Plots with Guns!, and Associate Editor of the Mississippi Review): “Pearce is a wild man, and demands your attention. Hansen is definitely one of the gonzo crowd and deserves a stage with a loud amplifier and some bright lights.”

Aldo Calcagno (Mystery Dawg Blog and Powder Burn Flash): “The Black Hole of Noir. Hansen writes stuff that is so damn dark and right on that it’s scary. This is a voice that needs to be heard, and demands a wide audience.”


Pearce Hansen is an East Bay native who writes about what he knows; his work is inspired by his experiences growing up on the mean streets of Oakland and her sister cities. Pearce currently resides up on the Lost Coast behind the Redwood Curtain, empty nesting it with his wife and their spoiled fat Egyptian Mau cat.