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When Susan Ellis’s brother goes missing after an attack on a mission in Afghanistan, it is assumed he is dead. A year later and the mysterious Sir Giles Cavendish gives Susan a letter from her brother, but nothing else. Susan needs professional help to trace her brother, but cannot afford it on her wages as a bank clerk. None of the professional organisations or media are interested in her because she is not ‘newsworthy’. She learns of the Guard Right Security agency in London. It is a one man operation run by the apparently hapless Marcus Blake.

Marcus is intrigued by Susan’s account of how she came by her brother’s letter. As the son of a diplomat, his knowledge of the world of diplomacy leads him to believe that there is more to Cavendish than Susan realised. He begins looking into the man’s background, and finds himself caught up in a terrifying world of arms and drugs smuggling, run by the top echelon if the United States military and the CIA in the United Kingdom.

Slowly, Marcus and Susan are drawn into a world where vicious men trade children, drugs and arms, and reach into the corridors of power within the UK security service. Marcus uncovers the seamy world of paid assassins and trade with the Taliban. Together, Susan and Marcus are propelled into the heart of the poppy fields where the Predator drones search from the skies for the very people the young couple seek.

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Michael Parker is an established thriller writer with seven, hardback novels to his credit. His eighth, THE BOY FROM BERLIN is due for publication this December. Michael has been a contributing editor with ITW, and is now releasing his previous novels in paperback.