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A Hitchcockian mystery thriller where several golden eagles appear over the suburban skies of Long Island, a thousand miles from their natural habitat. The glorious raptors suddenly attack and kill what appear to be random people enjoying the outdoors, but then a manhunt for a master falconer with a hit list emerges when the victims are all found to have a common link of employment.

By Geraldine Ahearn “Author Geri Ahearn” (Phoenix, AZ) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Talons (Kindle Edition)
Imagine waiting to venture out with good friends for that special trip to the ocean’s gorgeous blue sky for a day on the beach! Mother Nature covers the Island with a warm blanket and the anticipation of smelling the salt of the water, walking barefoot on the soft sand, while listening to the sounds of waves, increasing your craving to devour every comforting moment. Of course, your day is not complete until you plan a special evening to end the perfect day, which usually consists of an exotic dinner with close friends, while sharing stories about a fun-filled adventure. Imagine sitting in a jeep with the top down, feeling the gentle breeze upon your neck, while taking in the scenic view of peace and tranquility, and within minutes your perfect day turns into your worst nightmare! Angela looks up into the blue Heaven above her, it’s not a plane, it’s a psychotic Golden Eagle following her jeep! As she drives seventy miles an hour, while screaming in fear to her friends, the flying monster prepares to attack! Four young people suddenly become a giant raptor’s target as the creature threatens every move they make. The perfect fun-filled day ends with terror, horror, and Tommy’s death. Was it a freak accident, or will the nightmare continue with more tragic events? W.G. Griffiths takes the reader through a chilling, mysterious journey on Long Island, New York, as you witness brutal attacks of magnificent raptors. Golden Eagles appear one-thousand miles from their natural habitat, trained to attack, kill, then disappear. I highly recommend ‘TALONS’ to all mystery lovers, who are big fans of Alfred Hitchcock, and enjoy movies such as JAWS. The author penned an incredible spine-tingling thriller, packed with action, and suspense that’s made for the movie screen. The characters come to life as well as the flying, evil monsters, the setting fits like a glove, and the plot is superb. The author covers each page with excitement as the reader craves for more, from beginning to end. Was Hasan a superior hunter and teacher, and were his friends devoted falconers? What did Tom Stewart see, was Hasan’s death an accident, and why was Hasan so upset with Frank Schneider? Why was life for Razza and Devin cruel and painful? Who broke into Tseng Computer, and why? How much was the Omega Chip insured for, why was Kara rewarded with dead rooster chicks, and who shot Buzz? Did Teddy die, and was Kamil insane? Four raging raptors fall from the sky like spears, extending their razor-sharp talons. Does Angela and Jesse become victims? How does the Eagle know who the target is, what happened on Admiral Island, and who needed justice to be served? The author invites the reader to join the party aboard the My Yen. Prepare yourself as flying creatures are used as weapons, Angela is stabbed in the neck with a syringe, and dead bodies float in blood-stained clothing! Are the murders a bizarre coincidence, or a Master plan of revenge? Was Harbor Insurance responsible, what happened to Harry and John on the golf course, and who will be the next victim? Will Jones Beach ever be the same, will Detective Rocco solve a case, or will the hit list continue to grow? Be careful what you drink, make sure the lights are on, and the phone-line is not dead! “TALONS” is as thrilling as Alfred Hitchcock’s THE BIRDS, and is filled with as much nerve-jangling suspense as DEEP BLUE SEA.

W G Griffiths lives in New York and is an award winning author of seven novels including, Malchus, Driven, Takedown, Methuselah’s Pillar, Stingers and Talons.

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