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Fertility counselor Zondra Vesey is not a serial killer — she’s on a mission, a noble mission.
For ten long years she has slaved to help make one man a star in the highly competitive field of infertility treatment.
Her thanks? Woman after woman sleeps in the doctor’s bed, fills his life — as she once did.
Instead of loving her, his surgeon’s hands sliced her open, mutilated her insides, and left her sterile, as barren as the women who flock to him for the miracle of motherhood.
Now, Zondra is angry, grief-stricken, and filled with sorrow — a deadly mission burns deep within her.
She will, she must, save her sisters from their suffering.

Bette Golden Lamb and J. J. Lamb live in Northern California and when not writing novels collaboratively and individually, Bette is an RN and professional artist and sculptor; J. J. is a freelance joiurnalist. Prior co-authored books include BONE DRY and HEIR TODAY…, both published in hardback by Five Star Mysteries. In addition to ITW, they are members of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime. Additional information and a trailer for SISTERS IN SILENCE are available at

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