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The past returns to haunt Nick Randall when a celebrity biographer claims to have evidence of his late father’s involvement in a terrible crime. If it comes out, the tabloids will have a field day: Eddie Randall was a popular comedy actor in the 1960s. Nick goes in search of the truth and unexpectedly finds it impacts on a major insurance scam he is investigating. Then his estranged wife is found dead – and Nick realises that an unknown enemy is stalking him.

Praise for David Harrison (writing under the name TOM BALE):
“What truly sells SKIN AND BONES is Bale’s almost cinematic storytelling style, along the lines of what Lee Child does with his Jack Reacher series.”

“Occasionally brutal, but very readable… this writer seems to me to have real potential. I look forward to his next book.” Martin Edwards, TANGLED WEB

“Sins of the Father is a wonderful, exciting read full of twists and turns… This is a sterling effort from a new face on the crime scene.”
Chris Simmons, CRIMESQUAD

David Harrison’s first novel, SINS OF THE FATHER, has recently been issued as a self-published ebook after rights to the book reverted to the author. Under the pseudonym ‘Tom Bale’ he is the author of SKIN AND BONES, a fast-paced, claustrophobic thriller about a shooting spree in a small Sussex village, and TERROR’S REACH, which introduces former undercover cop Joe Clayton. In his latest book, BLOOD FALLS, Joe is forced to go on the run, taking refuge in a small Cornish town where a serial killer holds sway. Find out more at

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