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Louise Miller is an ex-cop whose life could not be more of a mess. Unemployed and addicted to gambling, she comes home from the casino to find her front door unlocked and a corpse sitting on her sofa. Even worse, the dead man is Walter Farkos, a man she arrested shortly before resigning from the Minneapolis PD.

Now Farkos’ murderer is obsessed with a sadistic game of cat and mouse. The ultimate goal: to destroy Miller piece by piece. If Miller doesn’t stop this madman she may not only forfeit her own life, but the lives of everyone she cares about.


After twenty years of working for the Hennepin County court system, he left the court system to do what he loves to do – write. He has published a number of stories in magazines and anthologies. PLAYING THE HAND SHE’S DEALT is his third novel. David is married and presently lives in Minneapolis.

To learn more, please visit his website.