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Hollowing Screams is a character driven tale of a mother and daughter’s betrayal, manipulation, and pure insanity. When lives tormented by paranoia and schizophrenic delusions collide with the aspect of the supernatural world, it sets off a multitude of bizarre and unexplainable events defying all reality. The inhabitants of a small midwestern town find themselves questioning their strict religious beliefs when confronted by a mysterious stranger with extraordinary paranormal abilities. Dabbing into the spiritual world of the unknown, Hollowing Screams will evoke mixed emotions from even the most skeptical of nonbelievers.

FEAR- TERROR-DEATH- it’s all around you! Can you feel it? It’s coming your way unless you heed my words. Listen to my warnings- STOP the impending doom!

Your town- Patton will be enveloped in evil- there is no turning back. My name is Lola- I see it all before it happens. So, can you- read this black book- take it from me if you dare- open it- and learn what are in store you, the town, your family, and others in the future? Relive your past, fear what is in the present, and learn who among you is the planner of the diabolical events that will plague your town unless stopped.

Do you hear the screams coming from behind the doors of this mental institution? Hollow Screams coming from the one who is evil. Do you hear it? Don’t listen. My name is Lola. I warned you. Did you listen?” This is one outstanding novel whose characters teach you the true meaning of treachery, fear, deception, lies and betrayal. An author so creative that she weaves a plot so intricate with incidents that not only blindside some of the characters but the reader too, this is one novel that is anything but Hollow: Filled with substance, plot and keeping you on the edge from start to finish.

Visit the town of Patton and find out what author Barbara Watkins has in store for the residence and just why Lola was sent there. A plot so well planned and defined and characters so vividly depicted and an ending, which leaves you wanting more. Wait: This one is due out in 2012. Heed my warning: Beware if you visit Patton before reading this book. Unless you meet Lola : Do not take the black book.

Fran Lewis: Amazon Reviewer

This book gets five Lola’s!

I am proud to introduce to you, Barbara Watkins, author of Paranormal/Suspense thrillers. As a youngster, she experienced supernatural phenomenon and documented some of her experiences in a journal. As she grew into adulthood, the experiences progressed. As therapy, she began to write short stories dramatizing some of the strange occurrences that she endured – thus her career in writing Paranormal/Thrillers evolved.

She has been interviewed on several BlogTalk Radio shows such as, ‘The Bradshaw Chronicles’ ‘Literary Scribes’ ‘Marsha Casper Cook’s Radio Show’ ‘Lawrence J. King’ and ‘The Jeff Miller Show’. She has appeared on local radio and has had book signings at such locations as, ‘The Howard County Library’ in Nashville, Arkansas, ‘Hastings’ in Little Rock, Arkansas,’ ‘The Sikeston Missouri Depot,’ and ‘TBIB’ in Blytheville, Arkansas. In 2010, she spoke to the students in the creative writing class at her local High School and discussed the art of storytelling. She and her books have been featured several times in ‘The Nashville Leader’ and ‘The Sikeston Missouri Democrat’.

Monologue Voice Over Credits: In 2011, Barbara collaborated on a screenplay entitled ‘BlindSide’ with New Zealand Director/Producer, Dimi Nakov (Independent short film) 2011 Pre-production.

Literary Membership Groups: ‘The Thriller Writers Association’ ‘The National Writers Association’ ‘The Heartland Writers Guild,’ and is listed in ‘The Missouri Authors Directory’ (Missouri Center for the Book)

Barbara is available for media appearances, speaking engagements, and book signings.

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