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Abby Cormac spent ten years trying to put the world’s worst criminals behind bars. Burned out, she thinks she’s left it all behind – until a terrible act of violence shatters her life once more. In a luxurious villa on the Adriatic coast, her lover Michael is murdered and Abby is left for dead.

Terrified and alone, Abby vows to bring Michael’s killer to justice. But when her investigation brings her into contact with the one of the Balkans’ most notorious gangsters, she soon realises that Michael wasn’t the man she thought she knew. He had discovered a secret – a legacy of betrayal and murder hidden by a conspiracy of silence.

Her private battle leads her from London to Germany, to Rome, and into the wild frontiers of the Balkans. But powerful enemies are watching her every move, and will do anything to ensure that the secrets of the dead never come to light…


“Simply magical…an excellent story with a fantastic ending.” –Eurocrime

“Ironclad narrative skills with some of the most elegantly understated writing in the field.” — Barry Forshaw, Crime Time.


Tom Harper has written ten novels, including Lost Temple and The Lazarus Vault, which have been translated into twenty languages worldwide. He is a past Chair of the UK Crime Writers’ Association, and lives in York.

To learn more about Tom, please visit his website.

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