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When journalist Mick Murphy runs into his love fantasy in a wintry Harvard Yard, he is soon dragged into a web of brutal killings that began in Boston and end in Southern California. Trying to protect his dream girl, a Filipina named Michelle, Murphy runs afoul of a police friend and his nemesis, a Cuban-American cop, as well as Los Angeles County sheriffs, before he is beaten by a gang of Ameriasians and his Jeep is blown up. Holding onto his romantic dream, Murphy faces loss of friends and his life before the finale.


Reviews for CHASIN THE WIND (A Mick Murphy mystery):

“Michael Haskins knows that a razor’s width separates life and death at the end of the road. No one guards the gate to Key West. No island law exists that isn’t quite simply, a target. In this seaworthy tale, Haskins proves that intrigue is the craft of thugs; patriotism, no matter the country, can warp to order; and the good don’t always prevail. But sometimes they do. Chasin’ the Wind is a deep-draft thriller. Take a reef in your main and hang on for the gale.” –Tom Corcoran, author of OCTOPUS ALIBI and AIR DANCE IGUANA

“With an obvious twist on who’s the good guys and who’s the bad guys, Chasin’ the Wind is an engaging crime thriller that will have readers (with the exception of those who still expect to find the WMDs) rethinking the relationship with Cuba.” –Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round Reviews


Michael Haskins lives and writes in Key West, Florida. This is the first of his Mick Murphy series, which was thought lost during Hurricane George in 1998.

To learn more about Michael, please visit his website.

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