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When Ben Hammond reluctantly embarks on a seniors’ coach tour, he is surprised to find he has met one of his fellow passengers before. It’s Miss McGuire, his former math teacher…and she is acting strangely. On the journey home Ben realizes Miss McGuire is not on the coach, but when he is told she stopped to visit her sister, alarm bells start to ring. Miss McGuire has no sister.

Ben feels compelled to investigate and when he does he unearths dark secrets. Suspicious characters lurk in the gloom of the Full Moon Inn and, at a nursing home nearby, elderly people are disappearing..Ben finally wins through and rescues Miss McGuire, only to find nothing is as it seems.


Miss McGuire is Missing…

“Beautiful irreverent dialogue with a northern tone-plus something rather more sinister which lies beneath the humour. I couldn’t put it down. Perhaps because the people were so real, or because the action came thick and fast. The characters are great. I love the way they bicker, and yet come through for each other. The book is packed with ordinary people, in extraordinary circumstances doing the best they can – and you can’t help rooting for them. Highly commended. Well worth a read.” –Joanna Patrick

“What a great read! Couldn’t put it down. So refreshing to find a book whose heroes and heroines are fifty plus yet fully drawn characters and not just cliches of the middle-aged and elderly. The story moves at a cracking pace with just the right number of twists and turns to keep you guessing to the end. But its the warm humour and dialogue that makes this such an enjoyable read. My seventeen year old daughter enjoyed it too! Great read.” –By Lindylou


Eileen Robertson, born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Her first book, ‘Miss McGuire is Missing,’ which is published by Robert Hale ltd. of London. This is the first of three stand alone novels that she is currently working on. Eileen lives in Gosport, England and has worked as a lecturer in German and Creative writing at Portsmouth University. It was not until her husband, William, suffered a stroke that she had to change her career to that of a carer. This was not easy but it did give her the opportunity to focus on her writing. ‘Miss McGuire is Missing’ came about because of a bet, a friend said she didn’t think Eileen could write a crime story that occurred on a coach trip, but Eileen thought she could, so she did. Her next book, Blackmail for Beginners is due out in Feb. 2012.

To learn more about Eileen, please visit her website.

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