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The life story of thriller writer and film star Shane Briant. Working with 10 Oscar winners. The British Royal family and the Picasso heirs. A THRILLING and AMUSING ride, containing THRILLING anecdotes and 160 photos.


‘Shane Briant was semi adopted, living in the country, mixing with the English Royal family, Graham Greene, Pablo Picasso’s children. He became a movie star in 1972 and has worked with 10 Oscar winners. His stories have never been told and are both fascinating and hilarious. This is a must read.’ –The Australian.


Shane was nominated for the London West End Critics Award for his performance in the play ‘Children of the Wolf.’ Since then he has starred in over 35 feature films in the U.K., the U.S.A., Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He is the author of six thrillers, published by Harper Collins, The Marburg Press and Vanguard Press in America.

To learn more about Shane, please visit his website.

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