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The stories feature the same two characters: Crip and Henrietta, some of the same bad guys, good guys and, as in a novel, the characters develop over time. Neil Smith of Plots With Guns says the pair “are a hoot – a pierced-punk babe with an attitude and a paraplegic private eye make a winning team. Other characters include Alvin, Henrietta’s racist boyfriend who we first meet while he is doing time at Pelican Bay; Ralph and Patsy, two massive Presa Canario fighting dogs that eat nothing but raw steak and an occasional human ear; Allison, a vet who extracts a bullet from Patsy and becomes Crip’s lover; Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones of the Mafia.


Lee Child on NO TIME TO MOURN: “Like a great twelve-bar blues – the comfort of a familiar form jazzed by a fresh key and an exciting new voice.”

“The private-eye business and California haven’t gotten this kind of reworking since Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler planted their gumshoes onto these mean streets.”


Tim Wohlforth’s thriller Harry, which deals with eco-terrorism and is set in the Northwest, was published in May 2010. Over 75 short stories of his have been published. These appeared in Hardcore Hardboiled (Kensington), MWA’s Death Do Us Part, (Little Brown), Plots With Guns (Dennis McMillan) and other anthologies. Two of his stories have made the “Distinguished Mystery Stories” list in Otto Penzler’s Best American Mystery series. He is a Pushcart Prize Nominee and received a Certificate of Excellence from the Dana Literary Society.

To learn more about Tim, please visit his website.