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“What I remember was being on my feet–all of a sudden on my feet–but I didn’t know how I got there. And everyone around me, they were on their feet, too, and I could see their hands slapping together and I could see their mouths moving, but I couldn’t hear them. Couldn’t hear anything because I was standing in this place of pure light and noise, a place like nowhere I’d ever been before. And I thought, right then: This must be what heaven is.”

A fireworks show goes terribly wrong, pitting the passion of that singular industry — and the multi-generational families who devote their lives to it — against the economics and politics of big event marketing and television news.


Fireworks, death, and romance. Not a bad foundation for a book. Then add the TV industry and its thirst for blood on the screen, an ATF Agent charged with investigating a death during a fireworks demonstration, and a TV producer torn between her industry and doing what is right, and you’ll find Sandra Balzo’s new book, HEAVEN’S FIRE. Oh, I forgot to mention a traditional extended Italian family whom you’ll love as they struggle to save their business. There are even a couple of nosy ex’s thrown in for good measure.

Pasquale Firenze, the patriarch of the family business, Firenze Fireworks, is killed in a malfunction during the climax of the biggest fireworks extravaganza of the year. Local TV8 is on the scene and captures everything on tape–some of it so graphic that producer Wendy “Jake” Jacobus is torn between doing what’s right for the station and what’s right for society. As she struggles with her dilemma, Simon Aamot, the local ATF investigator, enters the scene. From that moment forward, Balzo spins a story that will glue your eyes to the pages . . . uh, screen of your Kindle.


Sandra Balzo turned to crime writing after twenty years in event management, corporate public relations and publicity. HEAVEN’S FIRE is her first direct-to-ebook release and follows on the heels of RUNNING ON EMPTY, the debut novel in her Main Street series and six books in the Maggy Thorsen Mysteries–both of those series with Severn House. The seventh book in the Maggy series, TRIPLE SHOT, will be out later this year.

For more information, please visit Sandra’s website.