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Journalist Nat Idle is nearly gunned down in Golden Gate Park. He quickly learns it was no random attack. Suddenly, in pursuit of the truth, he’s running for his life through the shadows of Silicon Valley, a human lab animal caught in a deadly maze of neurotechnology and institutional paranoia. And his survival rests entirely in the hands of his eighty-five-year old grandmother, Lane, who’s suffering from dementia, and can’t remember the secret at the heart of the world-changing conspiracy.


Numerous plot twists and cliffhangers keep the reader turning the pages in this plausible if disquieting scenario of Big Brother not only watching but also messing with minds.” – Publisher’s Weekly

A brilliant thriller, a blend of Michael Chrichton and Alfred Hitchcock. From page one, you’ll not be able to put this book down.” – James Rollins, NY Times bestselling author


Matt Richtel is a New York Times reporter and novelist. He writes about the impact of technology in our lives. He won the Pulitzer Prize for national reporting in 2010 for his series on distracted driving. He is based in the paper’s San Francisco bureau. His thrillers borrow from his journalism to create chilling, nearly-plausible conspiracies. He’s a long-standing member of ITW. His first novel, Hooked, was a national bestseller.

For more information, visit Matt’s website.

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