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A category 5 hurricane has never hit the Georgia coast. Until now.

An outspoken TV weathercaster is the first to realize the threat, but is fired from his job before he can issue a warning.

Unaware of the hurricane’s sudden strengthening, a family vacationing on a barrier island in the storm’s path finds itself cut off from escape.

And an Air Force Hurricane Hunter aircraft, severely crippled after it penetrates the storm, is trapped in its eye.

These are the dramas that come together as EYEWALL swirls toward its electrifying conclusion.


Great characters combine with razor-sharp suspense and leave you breathless. A one-sitting, white-knuckle read.”–Vicki Hinze, award-winning author of DEADLY TIES.

This jewel of a thriller founds itself on character complication in the midst of an all-too-believable natural disaster that will keep you turning pages to its exciting conclusion. There is nothing calm in the eye of this perfect storm of a book.“–Brian Jay Corrigan, Georgia Author of the Year for THE POET OF LOCH NESS.


H. W. “Buzz” Bernard is the author of five nonfiction books on weather and climate. EYEWALL is his first novel. He’s won numerous awards over the past decade as both a fiction and nonfiction writer.

He’s a veteran meteorologist having spent 13 years as a senior meteorologist with The Weather Channel, and 33 years as a weather officer in the U. S. Air Force.

His background as a meteorologist informs EYEWALL. He’s had first-hand experience with hurricanes, having penetrated the eyewall of Hurricane Felix in 1995 with the Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters.

For more information, please visit Buzz’s website.


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