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by Dana Granger

“I need your help. Please.” And with those words, tough-guy Jonathan Foley melted. It had been years since he’d seen the only woman to climb his wall of solitude…months since he’d joined an elite team of operatives called the Equalizers and hidden away his secrets. But now Melissa Shepherd needed him—and there was no denying her. Melissa’s niece is missing and she knows only Jonathan can see past the lies in her small Alabama hometown and find Polly. Searching alongside the man she’d loved and lost would prove difficult…and downright dangerous. But she’d have to—because for the little girl, time was running out….

Fans of the prolific and talented Debra Webb won’t have to wait long for the next installment in the hugely popular Colby Agency series…because “Missing”, the latest Colby Agency adventure, will be out in April! Here, Debra fills us in on a little bit about the Colby Agency, the hero and heroine of “Missing”, and what’s up next for one of Harlequin’s best-loved romantic suspense series.

Tell us a little bit about the Colby Agency. What’s special and unique about this agency?

First, I love writing the Colby stories. The characters are like family to me. The series is the largest, in terms of the number of installments, author series in Harlequin’s history! The 50th installment is scheduled for next year! The Colby Agency was started by the Colby family. The recurring characters have suffered many trials but somehow always survive! I love Chicago and the Windy City is home to the Colby Agency.

What inspired you to create the Colby Agency? Did you plan it as a series or a standalone?

The character, Victoria, was my inspiration. I wanted to create a strong woman who holds her own in a man’s world. So I started the PI agency. I set up book one to launch a continuing series. Luckily Harlequin loved it and has continued to work with me on the series.

Tell us about your latest Colby hero, Jonathan Foley. What makes him tick? What makes him a swoon-worthy romantic suspense hero?

Jonathan is actually modeled after my daughter’s fiance, Jonathan Bailey. He’s a man of honor and will protect the woman he loves at all cost. Both Jonathans love children and have infinite compassion.

What about your heroine, Melissa Shepherd – what’s she like? What’s her romantic history?

Melissa is modeled after my younger daughter. She has had her heart broken but learned to trust and love again. Both Melissas are nurses and love helping others.

When writing your stories, how much planning do you do beforehand? Do you know your characters inside and out, or do they just develop on the page?

Depends upon how long I’ve lived with a character. The ones who have hung around in my head the longest are the easiest to write. Sometimes their stories just don’t come along for a while. I do a good bit of blueprint work but the magic really happens when I lay my fingers on the keys. The blueprint changes many times!

What’s your next project? When is it coming out?

Missing, April, is part of a trilogy (May brings Damaged and June brings Broken). Currently I’m working on two more Colby stories for fall (Classified in October and Decoded in November)!


Debra Webb, born in Alabama, wrote her first story at age nine and her first romance at thirteen. It wasn’t until she spent three years working for the military behind the Iron Curtain—and a five-year stint with NASA—that she realized her true calling. A collision course between suspense and romance was set.

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