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The past is catching up with Gulag-born, KGB-trained Turbo Vlost. Hired to deal with an apparent kidnapping, he finds his client—a predatory banker—married to his ex-wife, whom he has not seen in 20 years, and who’s living under a stolen identity and quite possibly engaged in the kidnapping scheme herself.

As he tries to unravel that anomaly, he discovers more threatening mysteries—a high-tech money laundry the Russian mob is determined to protect, and a plot to cover-up KGB orchestration of the 1999 bombings of four apartment buildings that killed 300 people, ignited the second Chechen War and propelled Putin to the presidency.

He’s drawn back into the world of his old KGB colleagues, including his surrogate father, whose current motives are much too opaque, and the father’s natural son, a mobster, whose hostility is all too clear.

“One of the most original protagonists I’ve ever come across — a cross between Arkady Renko and Philip Marlowe: a Russian-born ex-KGB agent living in New York, a private eye with a strong sense of irony and a Russian sense of fatalism. David Duffy knows his Russia inside and out, but most of all, he knows how to tell a story with flair and elegance. This is really, really good.”
–Joseph Finder, New York Times best-seller author of Vanished and Buried Secrets

David Duffy spent 25 years advising U.S. and multinational corporations on how to position themselves and their brands in the financial, consumer and labor marketplaces. This experience turned out to be good practice for writing fiction. Along the way he helped bring the Antiques Roadshow to PBS and income tax to Poland. He and his wife live in New York’s Hudson River Valley.