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the-lazarus-vault.jpgIn Tom Harper’s The Lazarus Vault, deep in the heart of London, the Monsalvat Bank is small, secretive and fabulously wealthy. When Ellie Stanton, an impoverished graduate student, is unexpectedly invited to join the firm, the privileged world they offer looks too good to turn down.

But soon Ellie realises that her life belongs to her employers – and they’re watching her every move. Buried in their medieval vaults lies a closely-guarded treasure of immeasurable power – one inextricably bound up with Ellie’s own history.

Now Ellie’s only hope is to unearth the secret hidden in the vault. But getting in is only the beginning…

‘Ironclad narrative skills with some of the most elegantly understated writing in the field.’ Barry Forshaw, Crime Time

‘In the tradition of The Da Vinci Code, a page-turner of a novel. Like Dan Brown, Tom Harper knows how to ratchet up the tension.’ Choice

harper-tom.jpgTom Harper is Chair of the UK Crime Writers’ Association. He was born in Germany and studied history at Oxford University. He’s written nine novels including Lost Temple and The Book of Secrets. He lives in York with his wife and two sons.