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loose-ends-kill1.jpgIn Bob Doerr’s latest, Loose Ends Kill, once again a call from an old friend draws Jim West into the middle of a murder investigation. This time the police believe they already have the murderer in jail – Jim’s old friend. When Jim discovers that even his friend’s lawyers believe he is quilty, he knows he will have to go it alone.

In doing so, he soon attracts the ire of the police, the defense attorneys, and, eventually, the killer. A fast paced thriller to the end!

Loose Ends Kill is a great read! Reminds me of a Mickey Spillane effort and Jim West could be the next Mike Hammer. Definitely a great book for the armchair crime fighters out there. Loose Ends Kill is a keeper! Jim West is going to be busy! You’ll see him again – I look forward to his next book. This is “Real Life Stuff” and Bob Doerr’s been there!” – J. Al Cannon Jr., Sheriff of Charleston County, SC.

“Doerr does it again! Loose Ends Kill is another fantastic Jim West novel! His personal experiences in law enforcement have shaped another gritty murder mystery that keeps you turning pages… from cover to cover… until you reach the exciting end!” – Mike Angley, award winning author of Child Finder and Child Finder Redemption

doerr-bob.jpgBob Doerr graduated from the Air Force Academy and had a twenty eight year career in the Air Force. It was a life style that exposed him to the people and cultures of numerous countries in Asia, Europe and to most of these United States. Bob specialized in criminal investigations and counterintelligence gaining significant insight to the worlds of crime, espionage and terrorism. His field work brought him into close contact with the investigative agencies of many countries and with the FBI and CIA. This background has helped Bob develop the fictional plots and characters in his books. Bob is now a full time author, with two mystery/thrillers already published. His book Cold Winter’s Kill was a finalist for the 2010 Eric Hoffer Award.