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death-notice.jpgdebut-author.jpgIn debut author Todd Ritter’s Death Notice, a small-town police chief teams up with a state police detective and an obituary writer to stop a killer who is sending the local newspaper death notices of his victims — before they’re killed. For Chief Kat Campbell, the crimes threaten her town, her family and her very life.

For State Police Lt. Nick Donnelly, the case changes everything he thought he knew about the criminal mind. And for obituary writer Henry Goll, the link between police and killer, it becomes clear that the last death notice he receives could be his own.

“Unusually interesting people encounter unusually ghastly murders in New Jersey journalist Ritter’s engaging debut.” — Publishers Weekly

“DEATH NOTICE is a tense and twisty whodunnit from a fresh new voice in fiction.” — Lisa Unger, author of FRAGILE

“Ritter has conceived a mystery that will remain in your memory long after you finish the book. Just don’t read it when you’re alone.” — Linda Castillo, author of PRAY FOR SILENCE

ritter-todd.jpgTodd Ritter was born in rural Pennsylvania to a book-loving mother and a father who dabbled in taxidermy. With that upbringing, it is no surprise he is now a mystery writer. An editor and journalist for more than 15 years, Todd began his career as a film critic while attending Penn State University. Currently, he lives in suburban New Jersey, where he is hard at work on the next Kat Campbell mystery.

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