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street-clairvoyance.jpgIn Ryan A. Span’s novel Street: Clairvoyance, stranded in a hostile country, separated from her friends and haunted by terrible visions, telepath Gina Hart is in a bad position.

Worse, she might be the only one capable of stopping an all-out war between the people who want her for their own purposes.

Now it’s just a question of how much more she can take.

“STREET will take you on a ride that leaves you begging to go again!” — Cynthia Witherspoon

“Ryan A. Span has crafted a well written, brilliantly paced story of adventure, mystery and explosive action.” — Eli James

span-ryan.jpgDutch SF author Ryan A. Span is the creative mind behind the STREET trilogy of cyberpunk novels; EmpathyClairvoyance and the upcoming Precognition. He wears many hats as an avid reader, writer, gamer, sport fencer and video game designer.