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torn-apart.jpgA teenage girl, brutalized and discarded. A rural sheriff, gunned down and left to die. Millions in narcotics and a killer full of hate. In Shane Gericke’s newest, Torn Apart, a tidal wave of murder is rushing full-speed toward the quiet Chicago suburb of Naperville, IL, and police detective Emily Thompson is locked and loaded to stop it. But she’s up against a deadly countdown that threatens everyone she loves … Her partner. Her best friend. Her whole world. In these final desparate hours, Emily will bring down the most diabolical killer she’s faced yet–or die trying.

“A high-rev, page-turning thriller that offers a searing look at the very thin blue line separating good and evil. Set in a sharply observed Midwest, Torn Apart features one of the best heroines to come along in years, Detective Emily Thompson, whose dedication to her job throws her into a deadly cat-and-mouse game against complex, fleshed-out villains, some driven by good, some by evil, but all intent on leaving plenty of carnage in their wake.” —New York Times bestseller Jeffery Deaver

Torn Apart will keep you turning the pages so fast, you won’t even notice that half the night’s already gone. Shane Gericke knows how to tighten the screws and keep the fear and tension building.” —New York Times bestseller Tess Gerritsen

“A no-nonsense thriller, action-packed and explosive. A real page-turner!” —New York Times bestseller Erica Spindler

“Shane Gericke is the real deal.” —New York Times bestseller Lee Child

gericke-shane.jpgThrillerFest chairman and national bestseller Shane Gericke (pronounced YER-key) began writing professionally in high school, as a $30-a-month sportswriter for the local Frankfort Herald. He liked it so much he never looked back. He spent 25 years as a journalist, most prominently at the Chicago Sun-Times, before plunging into crime thrillers. His latest, TORN APART (Kensington), launches July 6, 2010. His series debut, BLOWN AWAY, was named the nation’s best debut mystery by RT Book Reviews, and appears in translation worldwide. Shane lives in the Chicago suburb of Naperville, where the series is set and which, ironically, is also the home of world-famous crime fighter Dick Tracy. Any resemblance is strictly coincidental.