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the-secrets-of-paradise-bay.JPGDevon Vaughn Archer’s The Secrets of Paradise Bay is a mainstream suspense novel about a rivalry between two brothers, one recently released from prison, a beautiful wife who betrays her own husband to be with the last person he would ever suspect, and a vengeful minded man who plots to kill them all.

Clyde Lancaster just got out of prison after serving time for a violent assault. He accepts his rich brother Trey’s offer to stay with him till getting back on his feet.

Ivana Kendall-Lancaster was not looking for trouble when her handsome brother-in-law moves in, but she gets it and more as their mutual attraction leads both to dark places neither wanted to go.

Trey Lancaster has his own demons to deal with. But that doesn’t prepare him for the hell he is about to experience.

Willie Munroe has waited a longtime for his revenge and now will have it when he takes out three people to make that much sweeter.

This all leads to a thrilling finale.

“A love story wrapped up in the suspenseful situation of finding a killer.” — Romance Readers Connection on DESTINED TO MEET

“Archer has delivered an absorbing and gritty read.” — Romance in Color on DESTINED TO MEET

“A good story of contrasts that shows how powerful the mind can be and how it can interfere and sabotage the lives of those who fall victim to negative thinking and excessive guilt.” — Romantic Times on LOVE ONCE AGAIN

“Fans of deep character driven tales will want to read this strong story of love coming out of the ashes of tragedy.” — Genre Go Round Reviews on CHRISTMAS HEAT

flowers-berri.jpgDevon Vaughn Archer is a pseudonym of bestselling thriller writer R. Barri Flowers. Devon is the author of several mainstream and romantic suspense novels, including LOVE ONCE AGAIN and DESTINED TO MEET. He recently signed three book deals with Urban Books and Harlequin.

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