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death of a second wifeA wedding party is stuck in an isolated Swiss chateau when the stepmother of the groom and the family cook are found shot–one in a WW II bunker, the other under several inches of snow. The Swiss police have never worked a case like this before. Why is the wrong bullet casing lying inside the bunker and who closed the bullet-proof door?

“Planning a wedding under the Matterhorn can be murder, as shown in Hudgins’s fourth travel mystery.” Publishers Weekly

“an unforgettable wedding party cum murder plot.” Library Journal

“a mystery with an intriguing group of suspects.” Kirkus

DEATH OF A SECOND WIFE is available from Amazon and Audible.


Maria Hudgins is a former Oceanography and Earth Science teacher from Hampton, VA. She is an avid traveler who always visits before she uses a site as a setting for one of her stories.

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