Thriller Roundtable

March 14th to 20th: “Is setting just a backdrop, or a key element to your story?”

We talk so much about character and conflict. What about setting? Is it just a backdrop? Or a key element to your story? You don’t want to miss next week’s Roundtable as ITW members D.E. Johnson, Karen Dionne, William Dietrich, Peter James, Bobbye Terry and Norb Vonnegut lead this thrilling discussion!
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March 21st to 27th: “How do you separate yourself from the characters you write?”

How do you separate yourself from the characters you write? Or do you? ITW members Yvonne Navarro, Victor Banis, Vincent Zandri, Jim Duncan, Ethan Cross, Margaret Carroll, and James Grippando will lead next week’s Roundtable discussion. You won’t want to miss it!
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February 28th to March 6th: “What is your favorite thriller sub-genre? Why?”

Do you prefer medical thrillers or science thrillers? Espionage thrillers or romantic suspense thrillers? Join ITW members Susanna Kearsley, LJ Sellers, Matt Hilton, Mark Alpert, J. H. Bográn, CE Lawrence and Aileen Baron as they discuss their favorite thriller sub-genres during this week’s Thriller Roundtable!

All ITW members can sign up for the ITW Roundtable discussions by contacting Dan Levy.  Click the Roundtable link in the members-only section of the ITW website to see the list of upcoming questions, or to learn more. There’s no better way to connect with other ITW authors, readers, and fans!
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February 21st to 27th: “Who is the best protagonist of all time? Why?”

Is it James Bond? Jack Reacher? Joe Pike? Stephanie Plum? Join ITW members Sharon Linnéa, Jamie Freveletti, C.E. Lawrence, Richard Godwin, Weyman Jones and Jim Duncan as they discuss this week’s Thriller Roundtable question, and be sure to chime in with YOUR favorites!
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February 14-20: “Readers seem to expect plot twists and surprises told inside a familiar story structure. How do you reconcile this?”

Join ITW members Larry D. Thompson, Sharon Linnea, Glenn Cooper, Kate White, Joe McKinney , Edgar Franzmann, Weyman Jones, John Dobbyn, and Neil Plakcy for another terrific Roundtable discussion!

You won’t want to miss it!
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February 7-13: “Which authors inspire you?”

Join ITW members Amy Robertson, Weston Ochse, Mike Sirota, Kelli Stanley, Michael Haskins, Reece Hirsch, Kate White, Jim Duncan, Weyman Jones, and Tracy March as they talk about their literary heroes. And don’t forget — everyone is welcome to post to the discussion!
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January 31-February 6: “Imagine you could reach out to any author (living or dead) and ask a single question. Who is the author? What is your question?”

Join Mike Sirota, Lisa Black, Kelli Stanley, J. H. Bográn, Richard Godwin, and Weyman Jones as they discussion this intriguing Thriller Roundtable question. Remember – readers are welcome to add their opinion!

Don’t be late!
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January 24-30: “Printed book, or e-reader? Why?”

E-readers are proliferating like dandelions in the spring. Do you own an e-reader? Are your print books available in electronic form? Do you prefer one form over the other? Join ITW members Joe Nassise,  John Gilstrap, Karen Dionne, Bill Reed, Vicki Hinze, and Jim Duncan as they kick off this Thriller Roundtable discussion.
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January 17-23: “Do you plot, plan, or outline? Or, do you just go where your characters lead you? Why?

Each author’s method is as individual as their work. Join ITW members Matt Lynn, Weston Ochse, LJ Sellers, Allan Leverone, Pam Callow, Chris Beakey, Michael Haskins, Larry D. Thompson, Blaize Clement, Matt Forbeck, Reece Hirsch and Edgar Franzmann as they discuss these important questions.
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January 10-16: “Why do stories matter?”

Why are authors compelled to tell stories? Why are readers compelled to read them? Here’s what ITW members Matt Lynn, Amy Robertson, Teresa Burrell, Lisa Black, Pam Callow, Steven James, and Karen Dionne had to say on the subject.
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December 13-19: “What’s one myth about being an author you’d like to debunk?”

Writers regularly go on lavish book tours. Writers work all day in their pajamas. Writers struggle with writers block. Writers are depressed/suicidal/loners/alcoholics. Writers drink too much coffee. True, or not true?  Susanna Kearsley, Julie Korzenko, C.E. Lawrence, Allan Leverone, Bonnie Hearn Hill, and Jeremy Robinson break down these and other writerly stereotypes.
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BONUS Roundtable discussion! December 6-12: “What’s it like to write a serial novel?”

Imagine a literary jam session with 22 of your favorite masters of pulse-pounding fiction and you have WATCHLIST: Two Serial Thrillers in One Killer Book. Jeffery Deaver conceived of the characters and put the plot into motion and Jim Fusilli leant a sharp editorial eye, finely orchestrating this chorus of suspense that includes such top writers as Lee Child, Joseph Finder, Lisa Scottoline, Gayle Lynds, P.J. Parrish and many others. Dramatic tension ties the novellas together as each thriller titan leads the reader down dark alleys and around blind corners, saving the fireworks for the climactic endings, also crafted by Jeffery Deaver.

To celebrate the paperback release, Watchlist contributors Lee Child, David Hewson, David Corbett, John Ramsey Miller, Brett Battles, Ralph Pezzulo, James Grady, Gayle Lynds, Jim Fusilli, James Phelan, SJ Rozan, David Liss, John Gilstrap, Erica Spindler, PJ Parrish, Peter Spiegelman and Joseph Finder, along with MJ Rose (who wrote the introduction) will answer the question, “What’s it like to write a serial novel?” Be sure to read their observations in the comment trail!
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December 6-12: “Who is the best antagonist of all time (other than Hannibal Lecter)?”

The villain — the person we all love to hate. Or do we? Some say it’s really the villain who drives the story.  If that’s true, who’s your favorite evil mastermind of all time, and why?  Raymond Benson, C.E. LawrenceGeorge Eby, Grant Blackwood, Hank Phillippi Ryan, and James Hayman answer the question and kick off another terrific Roundtable discussion.
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November 29 – December 5: “Who struggles more to write across gender lines, male or female authors?”

Before a reader can care about what happens to the characters in a thriller, the characters have to ring true. Is it difficult to write across gender lines? Join ITW members LJ Sellers, Teresa Burrell, Allison Leotta, David Morrell, DP Lyle, Daryl Wood Gerber and Shane Gericke for a thought-provoking Roundtable discussion.
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November 22-28: “Which comes first, the reader, or the story?”

Do the needs of the reader conflict with the needs of the story? What if the reader wants to be entertained, but the author wants their fiction to include a message?

The discussion is over, but you can still read what International Thriller Writers members Julie Korzenko, Sharon Linnea, Heather Graham, Grant McKenzie, Boyd Morrison, Austin Camacho, AJ Hartley, Brad Parks, and others had to say in this thoughtful Roundtable discussion.
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