Romantic Suspense

The Fourth Victim by Tara Taylor Quinn

In Tara Taylor Quinn’s newest, The Fourth Victim, Kelly Chapman’s disappeared. Is it because she testified against someone who now wants revenge? Or is she the fourth victim of a killer responsible for three recent deaths?

Searching for her, FBI Special Agent Clay Thatcher has to work against the clock. When he finds her—if he finds her—he’ll have to protect Kelly from someone who’s still a threat. An unknown someone who may put his life in danger, too.
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Love Me to Death by Allison Brennan

In Which Karen Dionne Interviews Allison Brennan – Or Is It the Other Way Around?

TO: Allison Brennan
FROM: Karen Dionne
Subject: Big Thrill interview

Hey, Allison!  I see we both have books coming out in January – congrats! Boiling Point is my second, and Love Me to Death must be, what? Your 345th?

Anyway, since I’m the managing editor of The Big Thrill, and it’s my job to assign the feature stories for the authors who have new books coming out, and it feels a little odd to assign somebody to interview me, what do you say we interview each other?  Are you up for it?
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Colby Core by Debra Webb

In Colby Core by Debra Webb, after years in captivity, waiting for a rescuer who never came, Tessa Woods meets a mysterious stranger who’s determined to help bring down a human-trafficking ring and save the other victims…including her child. But can she put all her dreams of a merry Christmas into the hands of a handsome agent?
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Collateral Damage by J.L. Saint

By Virna DePaul

I interviewed J.L. Saint about her new ebook original, Collateral Damage, a romantic suspense with Samhain Publishing, Ltd.  With the world on the edge of war, one wounded Delta Soldier and one desperate woman are at the center of a horrific plot and running for their lives.  As they unravel the deceit, they are thrust into a race to save her children and stop a global meltdown into anarchy.
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Unforgivable by Laura Griffin

By Caridad Pineiro

Bestselling Romantic suspense author Laura Griffin’s books have won numerous awards, including a 2010 RITA for WHISPER OF WARNING and a 2010 Daphne du Maurier Award for UNTRACEABLE.  Laura’s latest release, UNSPEAKABLE, has also been nominated for a 2010 Reviewers’ Choice Award by RT Book Reviews magazine.  Recently I had a chance to speak with Laura about these many successes, how she got started writing romantic suspense as well as what the future holds in store for this author who loves to “work every day in my jeans and bare feet.”
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Cold Dawn by Carla Neggers

In Carla Negger’s newest, Cold Dawn, it’s a new day in Black Falls. The small Vermont town finally feels safe again—until search-and-rescue expert Rose Cameron discovers a body, burnt almost beyond recognition. Rose is certain that she knows the victim’s identity…and that his death was no accident.
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Deadly Intent by Kylie Brant

By Selena Robins

Deadly Intent is book four of Kylie’s Brant’s romantic suspense series, The Mindhunters. In Deadly Intent Macy Reid, a forensic linguist with The Mindhunters has been called in to help find a child who’s been abducted for the second time. In addition to navigating a complicated case and trying to bring the little girl home before any harm is done to her, Macy must navigate her feelings for Kellan Burke, a one-night stand from her past.
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Colby Brass by Debra Webb

Five years ago they’d vowed to live separate lives…now they’ve been brought together to complete their deadliest mission yet. In Debra Webb’s Colby Brass, a Colby agent, Trinity Barrett is one of the best at finding the missing and delivering justice. He must locate a missing child and bring her home safely.
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Never Tempt Danger by Denise Robbins

By Clea Simon

High tech becomes high risk in Denise Robbins’ work. In her new thriller, Never Tempt Danger, the New Hampshire-based author uses her two decades of experience in computer technology to explore the killer possibilities of science – and scientists – gone bad. We talked about robots, psychic powers, and writing on the deck. 
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Edge of Sight by Roxanne St. Claire

By Karen Harper

Recently, I sat down with Roxane St. Claire to talk about her newest, Edge of Sight. Can you give us the basic story of EDGE OF SIGHT without giving the twists and turns away?

EDGE OF SIGHT is the launch of a new series called The Guardian Angelinos.  Scarred inside and out, former Army Ranger Zach Angelino reluctantly accepts the first assignment for his sister’s fledgling security firm, protecting Harvard-bound law student Samantha Fairchild after she’s witnessed an assassination and is next on the hit man’s list.  The problem?  Sam and Zach are former lovers and he left her for a tour of duty in Iraq three years earlier, then never contacted her again.
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The Third Secret by Tara Taylor Quinn

In The Third Secret, by Tara Taylor Quinn, Rick Thomas stole drug-cartel evidence from a government facility. And spent three years in a federal prison.

Ohio attorney Erin Morgan has a rule: Never defend the bad guys. But Rick Thomas, quiet and self-assured, doesn’t seem bad. That’s why she agrees to defend him against what he swears is a trumped-up murder charge. She’s ignoring her experience and listening to her instincts instead.
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Stronger Than Sin by Caridad Pineiro

by Mary Kennedy

Recently, I sat down with Caridad Pineiro, New York Times best-selling author of STRONGER THAN SIN.

I loved SINS OF THE FLESH and I see that you’ve brought back Dr. Liliana Carrera in the follow-up book, STRONGER THAN SIN. Did you always plan to write a book about this character?

I knew I was going to write a follow-up, but wasn’t sure who would be the hero in the next book. As the story developed, I fell in love with Liliana and realized she needed to have her own story. She was smart and courageous.
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The Second Lie by Tara Taylor Quinn

the-second-lie.JPGBy Lori A. May

With over 50 original novels, published in more than twenty languages,Tara Taylor Quinn is a USA Today bestselling author with more than six million copies sold. This fall, she is releasing four new titles in four consecutive months: The First Wife (Sept 2010), The Second Lie (Oct 2010), The Third Secret (Nov 2010), and The Fourth Victim (Dec 2010). Tara was pleased to share some of this experience with The Big Thrill.
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Cowboy Swagger by Joanna Wayne

By Sandra Parshallcowboy-swagger.JPG

Joanna Wayne’s bestselling novels have been praised for being “on the cutting edge of romantic suspense” and have gained her many male as well as female readers. She has published more than 40 books since her debut novel in 1994. Born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, she attended her first writing class after marrying and moving to New Orleans.
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Killer Heat by Brenda Novak

killer-heat-brenda-novak.JPGIn Killer Heat, by Brenda Novak, the bodies of seven women have been discovered in Skull Valley, Arizona. Jonah Young, a private security operative from Department 6, has been hired by the Yavapai County Sheriff to assist in solving these murders. But Jonah’s not prepared for the complications that arise when he’s forced to work with a woman from his past, private investigator Francesca Moretti.
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Tough Customer by Sandra Brown

tough-customer.JPGIn Sandra Brown’s newest, Tough Customer, colleagues, friends, and lovers know Dodge Hanley as a private investigator who doesn’t let rules get in his way–in his private life as well as his professional one. If he breaks a heart, or bends the law in order to catch a criminal, he does so without hesitation or apology.
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The Dragon’s Mark by Alex Archer

the-dragons-mark.jpgIn Alex Archer’s The Dragon’s Mark, archaeologist Annja Creed and her sword have never been outmatched– until now. When a surprise party for her mentor Roux includes some uninvited guests, Annja finds herself fighting desperately for her life. The intruders escape but leave a sinister message behind.
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Ghost Moon by Heather Graham

ghost-moon-heather-graham.jpgIn Heather Graham’s newest, Ghost Moon, reclusive collector Cutter Merlin is seldom seen in Key West–lately, not at all. Officer Liam Beckett visits Merlin’s curious house and discovers the gentleman in his study. In his death grip: a volume of occult lore and a reliquary. His eyes are wide with fright, his mouth a horrified rictus where spiders now dwell.
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Bachelor Sheriff by Paula Graves

bachelor-sheriff.jpgIn Paula Graves’s Bachelor Sheriff, Sheriff Aaron Cooper, a man of duty and justice, can’t foresee trading his bachelor ways for love. So when he offers an innocent Melissa Draper protection, he doesn’t realize what he’s signed up for. His cop instincts urge him to stop at nothing to keep the beautiful, passionate woman safe.
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In the Echo of Violence by Jordan Dane

the-echo-of-violence.JPGBy Jeannie Holmes

Allison Brennan describes Jordan Dane’s books as “… romantic suspense [that] sizzles with an effective blend of hot romance and cold suspense. Intense and satisfying.” I completely agree. I had the pleasure of meeting Jordan last year at Bouchercon in Indianapolis and have enjoyed reading her books ever since.
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Skating Around The Law by Joelle Charbonneau

By Selena Robins

skating-around-the-law.jpgdebut-author.jpgIn Joelle Charbonneau’s comedy mystery novel,Skating Around The Law, the heroine, Rebecca Robbins is a woman on a mission–to sell the roller rink she inherited in her rural hometown and get back to her life in Chicago. Fast. What she didn’t count on was discovering a dead body head-first in the rink’s toilet. Rebecca must discover the identity of the murderer before she becomes the next victim.
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One Tough Marine by Paula Graves

one-tough-marine.jpgIn One Tough Marine, by Paula Graves, when masked men making impossible demands threaten the life of Abby Chandler’s young son, she runs to Luke Cooper for help, a man she hasn’t seen since he vanished after an earth-shattering one-night stand. If anyone knows the secrets her husband was keeping, it’s Luke. But what Abby doesn’t know is that Luke’s disappearance was the only way to keep her alive. And though he’s determined to protect her from the ruthless men threatening her, Luke knows that reawakening the passion between them may be the most dangerous risk of all.
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Haunt Me Still by Jennifer Lee Carrell

haunt-me-still.JPGWhat strange magic lies behind the spark of genius? When director Kate Stanley takes on Shakespeare’s witch-haunted play of Macbeth inJennifer Lee Carrell’s Haunt Me Still, it doesn’t take long for a legendary curse to stir. A murder arranged to look like pagan sacrifice ambiguously marks Kate as either suspect or future victim, and propels her into the search for a lost version of Macbeth, said to contain ancient rituals of witchcraft. However much Kate would like to dismiss such rituals as superstition, someone else is clearly willing to kill for them, and for Shakespeare’s darkest secret.
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Desperate Deeds by Dee Davis

desperate-deeds.jpgIn Dee Davis’s Desperate Deeds, as the demolitions expert for A-Tac, a black-ops CIA unit masquerading as Ivy League faculty, Tyler Hanson has two great loves: literature and explosives. She lives by the motto “duty first” and doesn’t have time for personal attachments . . . until a steamy one-night stand turns into a professional partnership.
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White Heat by Brenda Novak

white-heat.JPGIn her newest novel, White Heat, by Brenda Novak, Nate Ferrentino and Rachel Jessop, two members of a private security company called Department 6, are hired to infiltrate a dangerous cult that has recently settled in the former ghost town of Paradise, Arizona. Members of this cult worship at the feet–and in the bed–of its charismatic leader, Ethan Wycliff. But with one woman claiming to have been stoned, and another missing, Wycliff might be more of a devil than the prophet he claims to be….
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Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden

deadly-fear.jpgBy Debra Webb

Recently, I sat down with Cynthia Eden to talk about her latest novel, Deadly Fear.

Cynthia, as always, I love hearing about the author’s journey. Please tell us a little about how you started and your first big break in the industry.I’ve always loved writing.  Unfortunately, as I grew up and completed college, I lost sight of my dream. You know the story–life gets in the way sometimes.  But, I found my way back to my dream (lucky for me).
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Colby Velocity by Debra Webb

colby-velocity.JPGIn Debra Webb’s newest, Colby Velocity, former Equalizer Leland “Rocky” Rockford doesn’t have a problem working with Colby Agent Kendra Todd. As far as he is concerned, partnering with her is one of the benefits of their agencies’ merger. Something about her calm and composed air makes him want to ruffle her feathers–until they’re assigned to a murder case. In full professional mode, Rocky will do whatever necessary to support Kendra–and to keep her safe.
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Body Heat by Brenda Novak

body-heat.JPGIn Brenda Novak’s new novel, Body Heat, the heat is on…

Twelve people have been shot at pointblank range and left to rot in the desert sun. It’s Sophia St. Claire’s job to do something about it. She’s Bordertown, Arizona’s new chief of police–and she’s out of her depth.
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Ghost Night by Heather Graham

In Heather Graham’s newest, Ghost Night, A slasher movie turns real when two young actors are brutally murdered on a remote island film set. Their severed heads and arms are posed in macabre homage to a nineteenth-century pirate massacre.

Two years later, survivor Vanessa Loren is drawn back to South Bimini by a documentary being made about the storied region. Filmmaker Sean O’Hara aches to see how the unsolved crime haunts her…and Sean knows more than a little about ghosts.
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Thrilled to Death by L.J. Sellers

By Mary Kennedy

Recently I sat down with L.J. Sellers to talk about Thrilled to Death, the latest in her Detective Jackson Mysteries.

Jack Quick, a book reviewer, said you have a “delightfully twisted mind.” I assume that is a good thing, for a mystery novelist. Care to elaborate?

For a crime novelist, “delightfully twisted mind” is the highest compliment you can receive. In my case, I hope it refers to the many twists and turns my stories take and to the unusual and difficult crimes I devise for Detective Jackson to investigate. To clarify, I don’t write about serial killers or evil for the sake of evil, so he didn’t mean that kind of twisted.
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