Diabolical by Hank Schwaeble

by Virna DePaul

Someone is trying to open a portal to Hell, and some others will do anything to stop it.

Or so they say.

Jake Hatcher, lying low in Southern California, isn’t all that surprised when he’s asked to jump back into the battle between salvation and damnation and stop those bent on raising the forces of darkness—it’s just why and by whom that’s unnerving. Especially when it’s put to him as an offer he can’t refuse.

A former nun named Vivian Fall believes that a Hellion has escaped the infernal regions and returned to earth on an unholy mission—to unleash the forces of damnation on an unsuspecting world. Only Hatcher has the experience to track such a being. Only Hatcher has dealt with those who likely to know what what’s really going on. And only Hatcher can get close enough to it—because the Hellion happens to be his own brother.
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Fangtooth by Shaun Jeffrey

After the death of his wife, Bruce Holden moves to the quaint coastal fishing village of Mulberry with his son, Jack. He is hoping for a fresh start, but the locals greet their arrival with mixed reactions, from friendliness to open hostility. Bruce puts it down to them being outsiders, but when a tourist is killed while swimming, the real horror is unleashed. There’s something ravenous in the sea. Something that’s coming ashore in search of prey. Now Bruce and Jack find themselves embroiled in a nightmare where humankind is no longer at the top of the food chain.
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Fire Dance by Mike Sirota

In Mike Sirota’s Fire Dance, the dead still dance in the fire that consumed Concordia Sanitarium over a century before. Deep in the Anza-Borrego Desert in Southern California, the spirits of the sanitarium – patients and doctors alike – are trapped between this world and the next, forced to reenact the terrible scene that took them so many years ago. When Mark Alderson and Tracy Russell stumble upon this ghostly scene, they begin the strange project of ushering the dead from their endless dance to their final rest. But there is one spirit they have not taken into account: Bruno Leopold. A violent murderer in life, now in death a mindless spirit of destruction – when he finds a vessel to possess, a body to use at his will, who will stop him?
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Sideshow by William Ollie

By William Ollie

The smoke ring rose, higher and higher, changing shape as it went, until it disappeared into a cloud that moments ago had looked like the caboose of a train, a cloud that now began to change, to mold and meld, to twist and turn and take on the shape of the thing that had entered it. This thing, this dark entity, hung frozen in the sky, calling those chosen few out from their houses, their bars and their factories, calling them forth to face what waited in that dark and foreboding night.
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Apocalypse of the Dead by Joe McKinney

Two hellish years. In Joe McKinney’s Apocalypse of the Dead, that’s how long it’s been since the hurricanes flooded the Gulf Coast, and the dead rose up from the ruins. The cities were quarantined; the infected, contained. Any unlucky survivors were left to fend for themselves. One boatload of refugees manages to make it out alive—but one passenger carries the virus.
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Pain by Harry Shannon

By Norman L. Rubenstein

If you ask Harry Shannon why he’s done all the many things he’s crammed into his 62 years, the author is likely to just wrinkle his cowboy eyes, shrug and tell you, “I have to give my mind something to eat, or it eats me.”

A recent biography notes Shannon has been an actor, a singer, a songwriter, a music publisher, a music supervisor, a film executive, a mystery, thriller and horror novelist and is now a counselor in private practice. Oh, and that he’s also published around two hundred songs, eight novels, dozens of short stories, two novellas, one movie script and a partridge in a pear tree.
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Dead Earth: The Vengeance Road by Mark Justice and David T. Wilbanks

By Mark Terry

David Wilbanks and Mark Justice have written a sequel to their novella called DEAD EARTH: THE GREEN DAWN. The new book is DEAD EARTH: THE VENGEANCE ROAD. Justice says, “Dave got the ball rolling when he told me he wanted to team up on a book that dealt with zombies and mutants. The first book had plenty of zombies (and aliens), and in the new one, we up the ante. While DE: TGD fell more in the area of small town horror, the new novel is ‘Mad Max’ cranked up to 11.” 
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Desperate Souls by Gregory Lamberson

By Gregory Lamberson

desperate-souls.jpgMedallion Press publishes Desperate Souls, the second volume in my horror thriller series “The Jake Helman Files,” as a trade paperback on October 15th.  The series began with Jake Helman’s origin story,Personal Demons, which won the IPPY Gold Medal for Horror, and continues with Cosmic Forces in 2010 and Tortured Spirits in 2012.  Audible.com recently acquired the audio book rights to both Personal Demons and Desperate Souls. I’ve plotted a total of six novels in the series, but hope to continue writing Jake Helman chillers for a long time to come.  This project started for me two decades ago.
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Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

By Dennis Tafoyarot-and-ruin.jpg

Jonathan Maberry is making the transition from bestselling thriller writer to brand name. He’s written a Stoker Award-winning Horror series (The Pine Deep Trilogy), the wildly-successful, genre-creating Joe Ledger thriller trilogy (Patient Zero, Dragon Factory and next year’s King of Plagues) which has been called “Michael Crichton meets 24,” and which has been snapped up by Sony Pictures for development as an ABC Television series. Along the way he’s also written dozens of short stories and essays and a string of nonfiction books, the last five dealing with myths and legends of the supernatural, such as the Stoker Award-winning Cryptopedia (2007). Comic book fans know him from his work onPunisher, DeadPool, Black Panther and many other popular Marvel series.
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Wolf’s Bluff by W.D. Gagliani

By John Darrinwolf's-blood.jpg

“Are you saying I look like a bear?”

That was the question Bill Gagliani asked me in response to an ill-conceived statement I’d made which he might have misunderstood.

“No, no. Of course not. Why, you remind me more of, uh, George Clooney than a bear.”

What else would you expect me to say to a rather large man who studies exotic weapons and writes books with ‘blood-drenched finales’?
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Blood Law by Jeannie Holmes

by Jonathan Maberry

blood-law.JPGdebut-author.jpgJeannie Holmes is a native of southwest Mississippi. Before receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of South Alabama, she worked in a variety of interesting fields, including medical records, independent auction houses, and owned a small handcrafted jewelry business. In addition to working on the sequel to Blood Law, she received her Master of Arts degree in English in December 2008 and lives in Mobile, AL with her husband and four neurotic cats.
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