News from South Africa

mike-nicol.jpgBy Mike Nicol

Two years ago a hard-hitting anti-capital punishment book hit the shelves here called Shepherds & Butchers by an advocate named Chris Marnewick.  The book was a mixture of fact (the gruesome details of a hanging) and fiction, the crimes that had resulted in the various characters being sentenced to death.  The book was controversial even though South African abolished the death penalty some years ago.

Last month Marnewich published his second novel, The Soldier Who Said No, which has another social injustice at its heart.  But this is a bonus.  Because for the rest his novel is an unputdownable thriller.  Under the auspicious of my blog, Crime Beat, he and I had a chat about his new novel.
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Red Station by Adrian Magson

red-station.jpgBy John T. Cullen

Recently I interviewed British author Adrian Magson about his remarkable new spy thriller Red Station (Severn House, August 2010).

Red Station: MI5 officer Harry Tate finds himself posted to a faraway operation called Red Station, somewhere in Central or Eastern Europe, while the media fuss dies down from a drug bust gone sour. A former soldier, now a loyal Security Services officer and civil servant, his credibility is down the drain after two civilians were shot dead during a drug intercept under his control. The idea is to wait it out before coming back up for air. Or so Harry is told.
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A Sudden Dawn by Goran Powell

By Michael Parkera-sudden-dawn.jpg

Goran Powell has spent more than 35 years in Martial Arts. He is a qualified instructor with Daigaku Karate Kai (DKK), on of the United Kingdom’s leading clubs, and assistant coach to the successful mixed martial arts team; DKK Fighters. He is a regular contributor to martial arts magazines and has appeared twice on the cover of the Traditional Karate magazine. He is a freelance writer and has won numerous advertising awards. Powell is married and lives in London with his wife and three children.
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Deadly Trust by JJ Cooper

deadly-trust.jpgBy L. Dean Murphy

In JJ Cooper’s Deadly Trust, a riveting thriller set along Australia’s eastern coast, former army interrogator Jay Ryan enjoys the quiet life after leaving the military behind–or so he thinks. Old habits die hard, and when he realizes someone is trying to kill him and make it look like an accident, he’s interested to find out who…and why.
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The Moses Expedition by Juan Gómez-Jurado

the-moses-expedition.jpgBy J. H. Bográn

The Ten Commandments, even if not accepted as God’s word by some people, are still accepted as general guidelines for decent behavior in any society. Always one of the Sunday school favorites: Moses coming down from Mount Sinai with the Decalogue tablets, then destroying them upon finding the people of Israel worshipping a Golden Calf. The remains were gathered inside what is known as The Ark of the Covenant, since lost in the realms of History.
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Kiss of Death by PD Martin

kiss-of-death.jpgBy Dana Granger

In a way, it seems inevitable that Australian author PD Martin would end up writing a popular mystery series; she wrote her first mystery novella as a budding author in fifth grade!

After that, she went back to concentrating on her schoolwork…but she never forgot her love of mysteries and writing. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences, she wrote three unpublished young adult novels, before finally striking gold with her series about Australian FBI profiler Sophie Anderson, which have received international acclaim. This month marks the release of the fifth Sophie Anderson novel, Kiss of Death.
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News from South Africa

mike-nicol.jpgBy Mike Nicol

The issue central to this month’s column actually came up during a panel discussion at the London Book Fair in April, so my apologies for only getting round to it now, but there’ve been equally pressing issues to write about in between.  Always assuming that in the heady world of crime thrillers, there are some issues more pressing than others, that is.  The LBF panel was to address the matter of writing crime fiction in South Africa.  As is the nature of these things, it did more than that.
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The Honest Assassin by C. J. Carver

By Michael Parkerthe-honest-assassin.JPG

Caroline Carver has just released her latest novel, The Honest Assassin, third in the series featuring Jay McCauley, the ex Army Captain who works for TRACE, specialising in finding missing persons. The Honest Assassin is published by Severn House and is Caroline’s seventh thriller.

When Jay’s friend, MI5 agent Mac Blake is arrested for murder, she launches and investigation that soon turns ugly. Her old boss is assassinated and her family threatened, but Jay is gutsy and isn’t going to give up without a fight. As she begins to uncover a sinister secret, Jay is unaware that something worse lies ahead; an assassin has been set on her trail.
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