The FORMULA For Writing Fiction That Publishers Will Like by Bill Sheehy

This is a formula, a master recipe that was conceived to allow the progressive development, step by step, of a work of publishable fiction … any work of fiction, whether your story is a western, a murder mystery, a romance or even science fiction thriller. The writer supplies the words and the FORMULA does the rest! Anybody can do it … just follow the trail I laid out for you!

A prolific writer, I have a number of western stories and crime mysteries published in the old fashioned way, paper and ink, and am now moving some of those stories into eBooks.
In 2002, I retired from a career in journalism and emigrated to Queensland, Australia. Living in a cottage near the beach it took about six months for me to get bored with it all; I missed the daily deadlines. A lifelong reader I decided to explore the method used by successful authors. With his FORMULA completed I set out to write a novel to prove the value of it. Now, with a dozen novels having been published by a London publishing company I am sharing the FORMULA with everybody.

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